Kitty Cann

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Kitty Cann

Kitty Cann
@NINKIPP | ninkipp.com.au
Images that capture small & intricate,providing the thrill of looking close at nature.


2008 Kodak Salon

The Kodak Salon is an annual event celebrating the latest developments in photo-based practice. The Kodak Salon is one of the largest and most renowned photographic award exhibitions in the country, and receives entries from artists all around Australia.


Kitty Cann

As a young child growing up in Western Australia’s rugged Pilbara region, photographer Kitty Cann spent her days climbing over sunburnt boulders and wading through shin-high Spinifex.

A keen bushwalker, who was always ready for adventure, Cann developed an early love of nature and landscape photography and never left home without a disposable camera.

At just 13, she began taking commissions from fellow classmates at Karratha Senior High School for her unique and personalised “Name Photos” which she shot on nearby tidal beaches.

Since then, Cann has focused on developing her photographic skills and experimenting with different styles to produce powerful images of her surroundings.

She has worked with both 35mm and 4x5-inch film cameras, but now shoots exclusively digital.

“Capturing emotion in a still image carries many challenges,” Cann says. Combining my experience with the drama of nature and the art of creating keeps me motivated.”




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